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up Parent Directory 21-Jun-2021 13:47 - unknown Clean Code - A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship.pdf 21-Jun-2021 13:42 3696k unknown John Wiley and Sons - XML Programming Bible.pdf 21-Jun-2021 13:47 15048k unknown Mastering WCF and the Azure AppFabric Service Bus.pdf 21-Jun-2021 13:44 5272k unknown Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 - E. Blankenship, et al., (Wrox, 201... 21-Jun-2021 13:45 100888k unknown Refactoring´Ç║ Improving the Design of Existing Code - Fowler & Beck.pdf 21-Jun-2021 13:41 2016k unknown Sun Tzu - The Art of War.pdf 21-Jun-2021 13:43 552k unknown The Art of Electronics - Horowitz & Hill.pdf 21-Jun-2021 13:45 90756k

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